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26th Mar 2012

  • Looking for a logo for your business? Look no further. This logo is ideal for hotels, charters, and similar enterprises.
Spider Men
  • Retro comic looking logo style. Revive the memories of your favorite comic!

19th Mar 2012

  • Give your material that TV-show feeling with this cool logo.
  • This animated logo speaks of romance. Share it with the one in your heart.

12th Mar 2012

  • Use this graffiti logo to express your inner street artist.
Law And Order
  • This logo speaks of authority and of old centuries. Use for law, litterature, and other classic material.

5th Mar 2012

  • If you like robots and cool technology, you logo is perfect for you.
  • This illusive logo looks like it's floating in the air, just like a dream. Use it to create your own dreamy message.

27th Feb 2012

  • A green grassy logo. If you like nature, this is the logo for you.
  • Disco Animation. This animation can be used to promote parties and other events. Just change the text to suit your message!

20th Feb 2012

  • Magical logo, ideal for promotional material.
  • A logo for romantics.

13th Feb 2012

  • This logo is as sweet as it looks. Use it to decorate birthday invites, your website, or any material that needs some color!

6th Feb 2012

Heavy Metal
  • This logo style is for all hard rock music fans.
  • Why did we not think of this before? A cool looking army logo.

30th Jan 2012

Red Dragon
  • This is the year of the dragon. Use this neat Red Dragon logo in your celebrations!
  • Burnt Animation. Use this animation to create a burning paper animation for your logo.

23th Jan 2012

16th Jan 2012

  • Chinese New Year is on the 23rd, and this logo will bring you good luck when you send it to your friends!

9th Jan 2012

  • This New Years Eve inspired logo style looks really good in party invites and posters.

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